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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Classic 17 The Ultimate PC Collection


Classic 17 The Ultimate PC Collection
PC Game | Windows | English | 574.49 Mb

Release: Classic.17.The.Ultimate.PC.Collection-FASiSO, 2010-01-15
Company: Phoenix Games
Language: English
Size: 415.25 Mb
Links: Rapidshare/Hotfile/Storage
PC Games Collection With 17 Classic Games, There Is One For Everyone In This Collection

The game itself has many variants, and can be played with nearly any amount of stones and/or pits. The most common form is played on a rectangular ceramic or wooden board with two shallow stores, one on each end, and a dozen smaller pits that are positioned in two rows of six each.

The game itself is played on a grid of 64 squares, (8x8), and begins with the pre-game placement of two black, and two white pieces. The game pieces are two-tone discs, with one side black, and the other white. The object of the game is to claim more of the stones on the board than your opponent.

The game of Hex is usually played on either a 9x9, 11x11, or 13x13 hexagonal grid, but can theoretically be played on a board any size (although the size affects the length and complexity of each game). The object of the game is to connect two sides of the board with an unbroken line of yourstones , while simultaneously blocking your opponents attempts to do the same. With no real rules to speak of, it is simply a matter of each player taking turns, placingstones at any location on the board.

Wild West
Wild West is somewhat like a race in game play, with a main stone being moved by each player towards a goal, with several troop stones being used to block the progress of the others main stone. The game board is somewhat like a checker board, except that rather than the inner squares being use to move along, the grid itself is where the action takes place. In addition to the grid itself, there is a center section with a goal point that must be reached by either player. A windy line of various shapes leads from two edges of the board to end at the goal point, and is the trail that the
main stones move along. Besides the two main stones, each player has 17 other stones that they use to both block the opponent and clear the trail of their own main stone.

Fundamental Rules: When the king is being endangered of being eaten by another piece then it is in check. It is a tradition to let theopponent know he or she is in check.

The game of droughts is one of the most widely played board games in the United States Of America. Its simple rules and challenging gameplay have made it a favorite among people of all ages.

Renju / Gomoku
Renju means string of five pearls. It is forbidden to form double-threes for both players to. Gomoku still exist today along with Renju and Go. What makes it unique is the many ways to play the game. Players may had made several opening moves. There is also alternate turn of beingBlack. This prevents Black from making extremely bold moves at the beginning of the game and balances the level of the playing field.

Fundamental Rules: The Game starts with Black stones move...There are two players for this game. One is the black stone player and the other the white stone player. The black stone player always goes first in placing a stone in the intersections of the board and then they take turns during the game. You cannot move a stone once its place and it will not move until its captured.

Fox and Geese
Nature of the GameThe nature of the fox-and-geese game is. . . a hunting game. Two players will compete with the spirit of the game. The geese will try to surround the fox and by doing so, win the game. The fox will try to eat the geese by jumping over them and winning the game. Who will win in your game?

Nine Mens Morris
The nature of the Nine Mens Morris game is . . .two players use their stones to compete and outdance the opponent off the board. They accomplish this by forming mills and taking the opponents stone untill he has less than 3 stones. You can also win if you block all of the opponents possible moves. Coming to the conclusion of the battle of wills, the stones lie strewn about the board, start testament to the meeting of strategies, and tell the stories of battles won and lost.

Push and Shove
A game that is more fun than tug war as you move your stones on a surface that the opponent wants to conquer forcing the opponent to battle as he pushes and shoves you out of the surface for survival.

Dalmatian Pirates and the Volga Bulgars
Nature of the Game The game is an assault game in the classic medieval tradition. Wellarmed and badly outnumbered guards try to hold off a swarm of low-down and dirty pirates from invading your land.

Pro Backgammon
Pro Mahjongg

Just remove all of the tiles from theboard, by pairs. The only condition to remove a pair is that bothtilesmust be free (no tiles ON them, and at least one side free -- no tileon the left or no tile on the right). The tiles must beidentical,unless they belong to a Flower or a Season family. In this case,they only have to be from the same family. There arefour of eachkind of tile(i.e. two pairs) on the board and only four season tilesand four flower tiles.
Classic 17 The Ultimate PC Collection



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